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Gordon Aluminum is an ISO-certified, single-source aluminum extruder and fabricator offering design assistance, prototyping, CNC and conventional fabrication of aluminum profiles, custom forming and bending, anodizing, finishing, custom packaging and logistics.

Our extensive aluminum product expertise includes parts designed, manufactured and assembled for industries nationwide, including:

  • Truck manufacturing
  • Military and municipal vehicles
  • Curtainwall
  • Windows and doors
  • Weapons Accessories
  • Transportation control equipment
  • Point of purchase and outdoor signage and displays
  • Medical supply
  • Fabricators

Our single-source responsiveness and sustainability initiatives provide greater efficiencies, comprehensive quality control, and can reduce the cost of your custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication.


Gordon Aluminum is a versatile, one-source aluminum extruder and fabricator. Over the years, we've developed core business in the architectural and specialty vehicle markets but that doesn't begin to capture the diversity of our customer base, or the extent of our capabilities.  We operate aluminum extrusion lines with billet diameters of 8 and 10 inches, a vast array of fabrication equipment including CNC 3, 4, and 5-axis vertical milling machines, and a variety of bending machines to form your custom aluminum shapes.  Where applicable we provide assembly, kitting, and stocking services to best fit your production needs.  We can also offer finishing services including anodizing, and powder and liquid painting, through our local finishing partners without the hassle of two invoices.

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Our Ongoing Commitment to You

While some may consider the end product to be a commodity, our commitment to your success informs our daily operations at every level and sets us apart from any other extruder / fabricator. We remain focused on your changing needs by performing Voice of Customer research in order to understand how we can serve you better, and using that information to create meaningful change.

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Collaboration is Key

Flowing from our commitment to serving the customer is a collaborative, consultative sales approach. When the opportunity exists to work with your sales, engineering, and production staff on lower cost or greater quality, Gordon Aluminum will always bring its best ideas to the table to help you make your product better and more economical.


Gordon Aluminum is a versatile, one-source aluminum extruder and fabricator located in central Wisconsin.  Founded in 1958 by Alexander Gordon, the company is now in its third generation and remains 100% family owned.  The company has served many of its customers for more than 30 years.  While we take great pride in the quality and variety of our product, we define Gordon Aluminum not by the things we sell, but by our commitment to our customers' success.  Our 'Customer First Philosophy' informs every decision we make.

Flowing from our commitment to serving the customer, is a collaborative, consultative sales approach. When the opportunity exists to work with your engineering staff to lower total production cost through value engineering or greater product quality, Gordon Aluminum will always bring our best ideas to the table to ensure that your products will be high quality and on budget.

Gordon Aluminum Industries remains 100% family owned. L to R: A.J., Jack, and Alex Gordon


An aerial view of Gordon Aluminum located in Schofield, Wisconsin.



Aluminum is a highly sustainable material.  It can be recycled an infinite number of times and with less energy input than other products of comparable strength.  99% of our production scrap is recycled and returned to us as part of our raw material needs.

Our commitment to the environment and the communities in which we do business informs every decision we make.  The health of both are critical to our ability to continue to serve our customers now and into the future.

But sustainability is about much more than our environment, it’s about the bottom line.  We are always looking for new and better ways to improve our sustainability profile. But our resources are limited to a certain extent. That's why we have regularly enlisted the help of outside organizations like WMEP (Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership) so help us move our sustainability efforts forward. See our interview with WMEP about our participation in PSI (Profitable Sustainability Initiative). 

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