Quality Control

Quality Policy

GAI is committed to quality leadership by providing aluminum products and related services that meet or exceed customer expectations in a sustainable manner while continually monitoring and improving our products and processes.

ISO 9001 Certification

Gordon Aluminum is proud to operate under the latest ISO certification, firmly establishing Gordon Aluminum at the leading edge of quality management, while ensuring excellent aluminum extrusion and fabrication process control and consistent, high quality aluminum products. Maintaining our ISO 9001 quality standard is an important part of Gordon Aluminum's commitment to its customers. To achieve this, our Quality Control Department monitors quality at every stage of planning and production.

Portable CMM

A portable, computer-controlled measuring device checks custom aluminum parts for accuracy at the beginning of runs and at pre-set intervals during the extrusion and fabrication process. This ensures that our custom fabricated aluminum parts are within tolerance and that scrap produced by changing conditions is kept to an absolute minimum. The CMM's portability allows it to be used just about anywhere in the plant to reduce the amount of time it takes for in-process and first-piece inspection.

Stationary Table CMM

This touch probe machine is used to measure various dimensions of fabricated aluminum parts and provide inspection reports for those customized parts.

Optical Comparator

This tool utilizes special lenses and a light sensor to optically measure expanded views of intricate aluminum extrusion cross sections.

Romidot Optical CMM

Using scanner technology to create an extremely accurate image of a part, the Romidot measurement instrument compares the product image to a CAD drawing of the aluminum part to ensure accuracy. These images and measurements are tracked over time to predict when tooling needs maintenance before wear and use affect product quality.

 Pull Testing

 Pull testing is the definitive testing standard for measuring the tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation of extruded products.

Clark, Ames and Webster Hardness Testers

These testers measure surface hardness of aluminum extrusions prior to, and after tempering to ensure that material meets customer specifications.