Installation of our new Danieli / Granco Clark extrusion line
Installation of our new Danieli 4500 ton extrusion press and Granco Clark handling system has begun.  This system is capable of extrusions up to 12 inches in diameter, 17 inches in width, and weighing up to 20 pounds per foot.  It will be installed as a 10-inch press, but has the capability of changing from 10-inch to 12-inch or vice versa in a matter of hours.  We expect the new press line to be fully operational by mid January 2015.
Once the new line is in production, our existing Sutton 2750 ton press will be converted from 10-inch to 8-inch billet.  This will greatly improve the operating pressure of the press, allowing greater control of the extrusion process and improvements in both quality and productivity.
These changes will improve productivity, flexibility, and quality.  But as importantly, they will nearly double our extrusion capacity.  We look forward to passing these benefits on to our customers.

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