Design & Engineering

At Gordon Aluminum, extruding and fabricating custom aluminum parts begins with a strong client partnership. Our engineering team:

  • Utilizes CAD/CAM and 3-D modeling technologies including Solid Works 3D, MasterCAM, and AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop to custom design or refine aluminum products to meet the unique demands and applications of our clients.
  • Applies Lean Manufacturing principles to the extrusion design and engineering of aluminum parts to ensure optimal performance and profit, with minimal waste.
  • Identifies opportunities to improve the part and the entire process, including aluminum extrusion, fabrication, anodizing, finishing, assembly, custom packaging and delivery.

Our high-tech aluminum extrusion and fabrication plant is designed in accordance with Lean Manufacturing principles ensuring clean, efficient and optimal product flow. This translates to fast, high quality production, and an excellent ability to respond to customer's small or large volume needs.