Extrusion Dies


On-site die design and aluminum extrusion department

Dies (Repeatable quality begins with die quality control)

Gordon Aluminum's in-house die department designs and maintains aluminum extrusion dies using advanced CAD software. We maintain optimal condition of extrusion dies to ensure consistent product quality.

Die Shop (Die maintenance)
Aluminum samples from the beginning and end of each run are analyzed to determine if any corrections to the die are necessary. Corrections are then made by a team of experienced die correctors.  Dies are also polished prior to use to ensure the best possible material surface finish.

Die Etch Area (Post-extrusion cleaning)
When necessary for maintenance and storage purposes, aluminum remaining in a die removed using a heated caustic bath.  Where possible, however, the remaining aluminum is left in the die to limit waste, protect the die from oxidation damage, and reduce die breakage.

Die Storage Area (Indexed die archive)
Thousands of aluminum extrusion dies are stored and cataloged for quick retrieval.


6063, 6060, 6005, and 6061. Other 6000 series alloys by inquiry only.