Bending & Welding


Aluminum Benders

An assortment of aluminum benders, including custom benders designed and built in-house, allows Gordon Aluminum to perform a wide variety of bending tasks.

  • 3-Spindle Bending
    These machines utilize three custom wheels to precisely control both constant and increasing or decreasing radii.

  • Stretch Forming
    Hydraulic cylinders hold pressure while aluminum metal parts are turned and wrapped around custom made forms.

  • Pressure Bending
    A hydraulically-controlled pressure bending device forces material around forms.

  • Mandrel Bending
    Wipers form aluminum metal around one or more mandrels to form single or multiple radius parts.

  • Custom-built Benders
    Repeat jobs and specialized bending are both made more efficient through in-house purpose-built benders.

Aluminum Welding Area

MIG and TIG welding allow numerous aluminum fabrication options.