Lineal, CNC & Light Fabrication


Single-source aluminum part manufacturing

Our complete, custom aluminum fabrication department allows Gordon Aluminum to provide single-source aluminum part manufacturing. As a single-source aluminum vendor, we help clients:

  • Save transportation costs

  • Reduce the risk of product damage due to excessive handling

  • Eliminate the hassle and cost of dealing with multiple vendors, multiple lead times and multiple orders

  • Reduce costs by completing sub-assembly and kitting tasks

One purchase order gets you a precision aluminum part on time and within budget.

Lineal aluminum fabrication equipment:

  • Saws
    Lineal aluminum pieces are cut using a CNC miter saw, double-headed miter saw, or a precise, high-capacity NC straight-cut saw.

  • Handtmann 5-Axis Machining Centers
    Multiple processes can be completed in either of two German Handtmann machines. Using precise 5-axis milling, the Handtmanns process lineal extrusions to achieve just about any conceivable milling geometry. Each aluminum machining center is CNC-controlled, has its own saw, and can miter, mill, tap, and notch pieces up to 8 meters (26 feet) in length.

CNC & Light Fabrication

Gordon Aluminum's diverse aluminum machining centers allow us to machine a maximum number of surfaces with minimal set up.

  • CNC Vertical Machining Centers (30 - 120 inches of 'x' travel)
    The CNC machining centers can be used for heavy or intricate aluminum milling of complex large pieces at extremely close tolerances. Several of these multi-tool milling machines with varying bed sizes allow Gordon Aluminum to provide high volume and flexibility.

  • Tool & Die Area
    Gordon Aluminum tool-makers utilize a CNC lathe and CNC machining centers to produce highly accurate aluminum tooling and fixtures for punching, drilling, machining, bending, and other processes. Our tool and die staff also build other aluminum fabrication machines, such as our custom benders and mandrel benders.

  • Punch-Presses
    While Gordon Aluminum maintains a cutting-edge position in high-tech aluminum extruding and fabrication, we understand that sometimes the best tool for the job is a time-tested standby. Our 100-ton press is a good example of an old standard that, in certain applications, performs better and faster than newer technologies.The powerful aluminum punching capabilities of a 150-ton hydraulic press are augmented by a workhorse 100-ton hydraulic press and several smaller punch presses.