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Located in central Wisconsin, Gordon Aluminum is a dependable, single source for aluminum extrusion, custom fabrication, bending, assembly and finishing. Our diversification allows us to provide our customers with value-driven solutions that help make their supply chain more efficient and cost-effective. We’ve got more than 60 years of experience in doing that.




Alexander J. Gordon and son, Jack Gordon, founded Gordon Aluminum Industries, Inc., which operated as Purpose Extruded Aluminum Company (PEACO) in Hudson, Michigan.


The company relocates to Schofield, Wisconsin. Equipment includes 1250 ton, 7” Loewy extrusion press and architectural anodizing line.


2750 ton, 10” Sutton extrusion press added.


Large-scale aluminum fabrication operations begin.


Aluminum fabrication expands to 7 Cincinnati mills, more than 10 custom bending machines.


ISO certification achieved


A. J. Gordon named President of Gordon Aluminum; Jack Gordon remains as CEO.


On August 23rd, lightning ignites a fire that destroys 40,000 square feet of Gordon Aluminum’s facilities including the offices and the main hub of the manufacturing plant. Primary operations are restored within one week. Fully operational in two weeks. During the immediate post-fire months, Gordon Aluminum satisfies 99% of customer needs with only two line-down situations at customers’ facilities, each lasting less than 24 hours.


Reconstruction offers the opportunity to reorganize the plant floor, improve safety and efficiency, and open a new main office. Lessons from the post-fire period lead Gordon Aluminum to develop the “Customer First Philosophy“


A. J. Gordon is named CEO


Major expansion project is undertaken. 4,500 ton Danieli extrusion press with fully automated Granco Clark handling system is purchased, then installed in late 2014. 2,750 ton Sutton gets a makeover with added Granco Clark automation in the handling system. 35,000 sq. ft. building expansion is added to house new equipment and relocate shipping area to improve plant flow and allow for future expansion.


A. J. Gordon remains as CEO. Management team focuses on innovation and sustainability. Gordon Aluminum remains family owned.



Customers First

At Gordon Aluminum, our collaborative team of employees is constantly pushing to develop new ways to better serve each customer’s needs and ensure success. To serve our customers’ needs at the highest possible level, we assess the entire value stream from the time our customers receive an order to the time when their customers use the end product. With that understanding, we can see the impact our products have and what we need to do to ensure success for our customers.

Our “Customer First Philosophy” isn’t just something that we preach to our customers. It is how we operate…every day. It means working together to find the best way to do things, because, in the end, our customer’s success is the measure of our success.

Our annual “Voice of the Customer” (VOC) surveys help us understand your company’s particular needs and mobilize our resources and capabilities to meet those needs. On the other hand, if we are not well suited to serve your needs on a particular project, we will tell you so instead of overpromising and underdelivering.

In 2018, our customers gave us top ratings for customer service and quality in our annual Voice of the Customer Survey.



Gordon Aluminum is a strong, stable and sustainable business partner with a six-decade track record of serving customers. We became a leader in our industry—and are able to sustain that position– by always pushing forward through complex challenges. The way we bounced back from a major fire in 2008 is just one example of our resiliency and our determination to succeed. As a result, we’ve been able to sustain many longtime relationships with customers—and employees.

We are an ethical company with good family values and an unwavering commitment to our environment and the communities in which we do business. Aluminum, by nature, is a highly sustainable material, and can be recycled an infinite number of times and with less energy input than other products of comparable strength. Most of our raw material is comprised of approximately 65% post-industrial recycled material. We work hard to continuously improve our production efficiency, which lowers energy costs and produces less scrap material. Ninety-nine percent of our production scrap is recycled and returned to us as raw material.

This extraordinary commitment to sustainability helps us reduce costs and provides you with a stable, dependable source of competitively priced products.

Gordon Aluminum is committed to being a sustainable source of sustainable products.

Gordon Aluminum is a forward-thinking, sustainable supplier of aluminum extrusions and components with a collaborative team of employees that constantly pushes forward to develop new ways to better serve each customer’s needs and ensure success.

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