Pushing for Your Success, All Ways.

We understand that how you get your product is often just as important as the product itself.  We work with every customer to determine the most cost-effective and efficient methods to order, produce, and ship the products we produce for them.  It is a collaborative effort that takes all facets of the process into account.  We consider everything from the volume of parts to their end-use to determine the best service solution.

Pricing Solutions.

Based on the customer’s volume and flow of products, pricing solutions can be tailored to suit their needs.

  • Index pricing – adjusted monthly or quarterly based on the market price of aluminum in the prior period.
  • Hedge pricing – fixed pricing based on a forward purchase of a specific amount of aluminum over a specific period of time.

Ordering Solutions

Whether it’s a specific ordering system or merely a matter of convenience, we work with our customers to make the ordering process simple and effective.

  • EDI
  • Blanket orders with releases
  • Direct customer portal access

Inventory Solutions

In a perfect world, one-piece flow and just-in-time delivery would make inventory a thing of the past. In the real world, there are many products that simply cannot be effectively manufactured and delivered in that fashion.  In some cases, however, we can help bridge the gap between those worlds.  Based on the manufacturing processes involved, efficient batch sizes for each process, process lead times, and the end-use of the product, we can determine the right solution to meet the customer’s needs.

  • Kanban
  • Kitting
  • Safety stock
  • Gordon-managed inventory
  • Third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Fixed lead-time programs

Outside Process Solutions

Whether it’s custom paint, anodizing, plating, or other services that GA doesn’t provide in-house, we can manage those outside services.

  • Single point of contact
  • Only one order and one invoice to process
  • Approved vendors with established relationships

Packaging Solutions

Custom products often require custom packaging solutions to ensure that they are not damaged in transport or at the point of use. We offer a wide variety of options to keep cost and waste to a minimum while properly protecting the product.

  • Stretch-wrap or banded bundle
    • Bare or with internal separation of parts or layers
    • Custom bundle sizes for ease of storage
  • Custom container or skid
  • Returnable containers or skids
  • Customer supplied containers or skids
  • Custom labeling and bar coding

Delivery Solutions

Cost, sensitivity to damage, distance, and volume all determine the best way for us to deliver our products to our customers.

  • Gordon Aluminum Truck
  • Common Carrier
  • Customer Pick-up
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